what is loved will never die

by 1999

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a selection of songs written and recorded between October 2016 and February 2017, mostly in Brendan and Warner's apartment, but also in Ben's Rochester dorm, a practice room in Wooster's Scheide Hall, Ben's parents' house in Nashville, and in Ben's truck, outside a Jimmy John's, at 4 AM.


released March 2, 2017

Music by Ben Pierce, Brendan Youngquist, Warner Brownfield, Jess Awh, and Beau Williams

All words by Ben Pierce, except for into the sun, by Jess, and all eyes adjust, by Jess and Ben

Produced and mixed by Brendan Youngquist and Ben Pierce

Recorded by Warner Brownfield, Brendan Youngquist, and Ben Pierce

Cover art by Devin Delaney



all rights reserved


1999 Chicago, Illinois

1999 is Ben Pierce and a group of other musicians making very exciting stuff together. Partially based in Nashville and Rochester, NY.

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Track Name: chicago -- new york
I’ll know you by your shape
so please dont forget my face
and i’ll recall you to this place
like i’ve marked the spot with tape

We’ll talk for hours about good news
the proper flow of information
And you’ll be warm and you’ll be patient

We’ll watch the clouds clear up
When the sun goes down
and see the high grass grow
And cover the whole town

Our home out here gets cold at night
But should I ever push too far
it will return us to where we are

And the clouds clear up
When the sun goes down
And when our paychecks all go through
We’ll cover the whole town
Track Name: all eyes adjust
saw you at the octagon
saw you along the grey side-wall
you wore the sun like a cover-up
you wore the sky like overalls

saw you in a motor home
saw you put up on cinder
damp walls, piles of packing foam
pinecones, dead since the winter

you set ablaze the room with what you planned to be
i swore I’d tell no one the things that you told me

saw you back in the summertime
saw you lit up by sparklers
we were singing Sweet Caroline
we danced between all the parked cars

saw you just a week ago
saw you after a few years
all eyes adjust everywhere you go
you look like you don’t belong here
Track Name: into the sun
giving in to the sun
sun on your hands
perfect and golden

living into the sun
sun on your eyes
on your side

Track Name: california song
Someday the moon will start retreating
and the California coast will erode away
and all the video stores that went out of business
will live the holy age of the rose parade

I just want to hear you breathing one more time
I just want you here to stay

Who can say if the moonlight is receding
if not the friends you made when you rode away
but there are no full stops or seasons greetings
just the hole you made when you rode away

I just want to hear you breathing one more time
I just want you here to stay

It’s a phrase that ain’t often worth repeating
but the things I love always go away
It’s a phase of the moonlight on the ceiling
when I was running out of the novocaine
Track Name: with the pain and guilt
were we ever living life so high
and it’d never be a pain to die
in the summer of the 2.5
in the spirit of the edelweiss

you were everything i needed
just to get me to the afterlife
we’re forever incompleted
you had freckles underneath your eyes

i’m so stunned
by the passage of time
and the wind and the sea
sharp rain on the orange trees
but we’re staying inside
on the ancient advice
that what is loved will never die
Track Name: into the sun again
[spooky whistling]
Track Name: march -- december
you won’t be ready every time I come around
you’ll choke, and you ain’t got no way home

you ain’t got no way home
Track Name: get disowned
I feel like I'm a snowman in the south
I feel like I’ve got cotton in my mouth
And I feel like i’m the only one who knows

But no more
no more

I feel like I’m a piece of shit sometimes
I feel like I only want to die
And I feel like it never ever shows

But no more
no more

no more, no more
Track Name: brendan's evil twin
there’s a passion in the words behind the laughing
there's a passion that you twisted like a type of local taffy

you held your own heart in your hands once
you held your own heart in your hands once
but that was long ago when you were young

and until the day you die, you’ll drink your almond milk and say,
through the spittle on your teeth and through gritty bits of clay:

“There’s an ancient art to sweet self-loathing.
There’s an ancient art to sweet self-loathing.
And someday, when I learn to fall asleep, I’ll fall asleep."